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faith pictures
Amy asked for some pictures of Faith, and I've got a brazillion of 'em but I took one just for her. This is the pretty girl in her favorite spot watching Desperate Housewives. I've been on a cooking binge tonight and it wore her out following my steps in the kitchen. This young buck is Sam. He runs like the wind, keeping the other two on their toes at all times. Ain't nothing worse than canine depression if you ask me. Yeah..I know. Nobody did. He's less than a year old and full of piss and vinegar but,thankfully, neutered. He just don't realize it yet. And then there's Butterbean. She's the only one of the three that I ever went and picked out personally just because she was so damn cute in that cage at the pound and it was almost Christmas and nothing says *faith* like a puppy. My dear friend the Little General gave me the adoption fee for this nervous little bundle of bark and shake.

I think they're ready for bed. Catch ya'll later.

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