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hpv bob and snl
Ya'll excuse me for whining about my luck in life because I was the big winner of sack full of goodies at the fun party over at the kudzu bar the other night. There was an "unidentified vibrating object" for which I have yet to buy C batteries, plus some fun side items. One never knows when a girl will hit the motherlode, so to speak. Note to self: run to the Dollar General tomorrow for batteries dog food.

That last Pap smear which I had hoped above all hopes would be normal was, in fact, not. Time to go to plan (H)ysterectomy if I have my way with the doc and insurance company. Let's just hope I don't catch MRSA in the process...know what I'm saying?

I've been a fan of Saturday Night Live since back in the days of Chevy Chase, Bill Murray, Gilda and Belushi. If I'm awake, it's a gimme for Poops on Saturday evening. I've just got one burning question about tonight's show. WTF did Bon Jovi do to his freakin' hair???????? Lord, have mercy.

I still have two days off to haul cottonseed hull and give the dogs a flea bath. Visited Mom and Dad this afternoon while they listened on the radio to the Vols playing Mississipi State. Big Ernie must be lookin' after the Big Orange because they've won two weekends in a row. Next Saturday is Roll Tide match day which is always an event of epic proportions for SEC fans. Move over Moses and your parting of the Red Sea and other minor miracles. Fulmer's got a contract on the line, ya know.

I'll be scarce during November which is NaNoWriMo month. Being a procrastinator lazy bitch, I've lacked the discipline required to reach 10,000 words with something resembling a plot during past Wrimos. Surely 2007 will be the year in which I redeem myself. You can watch the progress here if you're not busy.

No purty fall pictures yet cuz the leaves are just beginning to change around Pecan Lane. The drought and heat have shoved leaf peeping season back several weeks. I promise a good pic if it ever happens. At this point, I don't have a lot of faith but that could change,

More later, ya'll.

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