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just a swingin'
As work days go, this one would probably qualify for a page on the annual Murphy's Law calendar that I give my Daddy for Christmas each year. Simply put, anything that could go wrong found a way to happen in the space of 9 hours. I'll spare ya'll the details so you don't feel compelled to blurt out "Awww..bless her little heart!"
So, like any southern smartass survivor, I chose to plant my butt in the swing out front with some beer and the camera to relax a bit.

It's amazing what you see and hear when you just learn to be still. It's better than Calgon, I tell ya! The dawgs miss me terribly when I'm away all day and they don't get to lay all over the furniture so they really enjoyed showing off for Mama in the glow of late afternoon rays. By the way, brown on green is still a glorious sight when it's my pretty girls Faith and Butterbean and handsome athletic Sam the Dog romping around. What a luxury to sit in an old wooden swing and watch the sun melt behind the treeline in living color. Wouldn't trade it for Sugardaddy's million bucks.

Ya'll would love it out here...come see us sometime.

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