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Okay..so I (almost) totally bricked boss's day which is October 16th. Did ya'll know that??? Check the fine print on your daily planner and the brown on your nose if you didn't have a clue. Soooooo..like any good b**gger would do, I will attempt to make things right with a post. I'd buy her a drink but she goes to bed with the chickens because she works all the dang time.

Me and bosslady started at the day job within a year of each other, both fresh out of med tech school. The small county owned hospital was a community based thing with elected commissioners in charge of our future and a lot of oldtimers backin' us up with years of service in healthcare. We are polar opposites when it comes to brain activity and organizational skills. She is the ultimate manager/organizer/task oriented type of person who thrives on standard operating procedure and working past the point of common sense. Me..I'm just an idea type of gal with not much business sense. My yin and her yang have clashed on more than one occasion, usually over me not following rules to the letter.

Somewhere after her Daddy pulled out in front of a log truck on Highway 51, we began to talk about Big Ernie and things not related to lab results and quality control. She was, and remains to this day, a Daddy's girl who misses with all of her soul the unconditional love that she felt from him until he died. I had never known that feeling, so I was in awe of their relationship as she described it to me over years of breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fragile friendship continued to grow as the years passed. I remember praying during staff meetings that she would have the strength to do what was best for all of us because I sure never wanted HER job...I was content with my own as long as they treated me fairly and with respect.

Oddly enough, a dog changed her perspective on life and love. Sure..she has a husband she loves dearly and a nice house and all that. But Gracie Lynn has been her angel. She has so much love to give and a party cocker turned out to be just the right recipient for her affection, the catalyst for her faith and hope to hunker down and give it up to Him.

This one's for you boss.

Love ya....mean it.

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