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quick notes from vacationland
The dove flu made its' exit exactly 15 days after it came to visit. Coughing is limited to brief violent episodes aimed at well, you know. I'll spare you the details. Let me just say that if this thing ever goes pandemic, ya'll better pull out your disaster supplies and hunker down. It.Was.Brutal.

Since I worked the weekend and was scheduled off Monday and Tuesday, today was really officially DAY 1 of my vacation. I used those first two days to get the waist high yard mowed ( not baled yet ) and get the pesky annual girlie chores tended to. This is my first Pap smear since I had the LEEP procedure to kill the abnormal cells so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this one will be normal. All extra crossed fingers will be appreciated.

It is the first week of October and still NINETY FREAKIN' DEGREES on Pecan Lane. Puleeeez! Can we have some frost on the pumpkin already??? Looks like this month's utility bill will be the same as the last one. Which was wayyyyyy too much. Fear not though. As I was shopping in the Dollar Store this afternoon I found the first Christmas displays shoving the witches and ghosts out of the limelight *sigh*

Luckily for my boss, I declined to jet away to Fiji with Sugardaddy this week. She called today to say that the state inspector is on site at our facility doing her bi-yearly survey and could she call me if anything came up they couldn't find? Sure thing,hon. I'm just laying around like moss on a rock chilling. Best way to sail through an inspection :)

Our hospital's campus went completely smoke free on Monday of this week which is becoming more and more common for healthcare facilities as the rate of re-imbursement from Medicare is higher when that policy is adopted. I'm a smoker from way back when, but I'll adapt. Now instead of being at their beck and call the entire shift, my paid lunch time will become a private affair with at least thirty minutes of no interruptions. If I had a nickel for every time I've worked through that paid mandatory deduction, I'd be on Fiji WITHOUT Sugardaddy's help. I'm just sayin'.

I have yet to accomplish anything that might have been on that things-to-do list that I decided not to make to keep myself from feeling like a failure. Instead, now that the chores are under control I've set my sights on doing some pleasurable things. Got a gift certificate for a massage right here in front of me that will be redeemed in the next day or two. WITH hot stones, I might add. Finished one book and started another and bought trashy heifer magazines today just for fun. Got lots of food stocked up to play Paula Deen and Rachel Ray with. BabyGirl and I have a date at the new Italian restaurant on my dime for a belated birthday dinner.

Two words to describe my plans for the next four days?

Spontaneous gratification.

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