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second opinion
If there's one thing I've learned working with doctors it's that they're just people like us only they get paid more. The advantage that I have is that I'm friends with a lot of 'em...when I ask for an honest opinion they remember how I've been there over the years and tell it straight because they care about me and know without a doubt that I'm all about the patient. I called my old friend Sal the other night to get her opinion on this whole hysterectomy thing because I saw her go the long route with it. The most valuable thing she said to me was this: " Get another opinion. When you do that, you've got a committee." Ya'll must surely realize how Methodists love committees, dont'cha? Well they do. That and fried chicken and the Wesley brothers, in no particular order.

The pathology group that I work with is about twenty strong ranging in age from their twenties to seventies. I've talked to a smattering of them about the LGSIL + HPV and got various answers ranging from " If you want my opinion, no woman over 40 should have a uterus" to " It's your decision." My gyn is comfortable with me having Pap smears every three months ad infinitum because I'm a trustworthy patient, whatever the hell that is. I, on the other hand, am tired of the stirrups and paying for the pleasure of putting my feet up in 'em on a regular basis. Once a year is enough ya'll.

Back when Bubba first opened his nightclub there was a band called Second Opinion that played there a few times. A couple of docs did the rock star thing when they got the chance and wowed the audience which usually consisted of the OR crew and their buddies. They both moved to Nashvegas...one to do orthopedic stuff and the other to learn plastic surgery. I can see 'em now creating the bionic groupie in somebody's basement just for fun.

Can't complain a bit about the rain. I think about how strange it is that we're soaking it up over here on Pecan Lane and southern California is smoldering. I wonder if Big Ernie is pissed at what we're doing to mother earth, or shit just happens. Probably a little of both.

Keep the faith kids.

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