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the slacker returneth to the fold
Instead of going out this weekend to see the same old faces at the same old places, I stayed home and renewed my vows to what my old friend KT calls my "marriage" to the computer. There was a time when I knew what was up with every single person on that blogroll but that time has been a loooooong while ago. I was surprised to find that several have disappeared while others have new looks and different objectives. I don't have a clue how to do the RSS feed thingy so I go through the list helter skelter remembering this one or that one and how we met...catching up with old friends like at a class reunion. * big hug * I missed you guys! Ya'll rock.

My top story today is that I just wrestled three dogs through baths in the tub with flea shampoo and they are NOT happy with me. Hmph. They'll thank me when the itching goes away, probably by piling up on my bed waiting to give me big old sloppy kisses. Ain't nothing sweeter than puppy sugars. The trees are blowin' in the wind out here on Pecan Lane in advance of a cold front that will knock the temp down one more notch toward true fall. Most of the crops are harvested...beans were last and probably least due to the drought.

I feel the gears inside my soul changing to a lower speed, for self preservation and in pursuit of more joy and less stress all the while operating at a level where I can really experience life rather than pushing my way through the days. During my career there have been several times when I've had to make myself see that I actually HAVE options and am not truly stuck where I am unless I let myself be. I received a nice email from an author to whom I had sent a note telling him how much I enjoyed his book. He didn't even get published until he was in his fifties. Actor Morgan Freeman, a native of a little Mississipi town not far from here, was fiftyish before he finally saw daylight in his acting career. There's a seventeen year old photographer on one of my lists who absolutely amazes me with his work. Age is relative, I suppose. When it's your time to shine, it will happen as long as you do what you love and love what you do. That's what they say anyway :)

Still broke, still Sugardaddy-less and still keepin' the faith.

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