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vertically challenged
Went shoppin' for some new work clothes today and, as usual, the bottoms have to be hemmed because I'm so short. All you peeps of average height out there should rejoice in the fact that when you buy a pair of pants they don't drag the asphalt. And you don't have to have steps to reach up into the cabinet and grab the karo syrup when you're making a pecan pie for your brother's 45th birthday. It's his favorite :)

I've had a very good vacation week considering I didn't get to go to Fiji and hang out on the beach. Sometimes a solid ten hours of sleep five days in a row does wonders for an old girl's perspective on life and love.

Looking forward to the next day that I don't sweat glisten while standing still with makeup on lookin' like that. I'll let ya'll know when that happens.

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