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we the people....
Well whadda'ya know! Dr. Ron Paul made it to the NBC evening news tonight as poster child for internet presidential candidate. The Colbert bump probably didn't hurt in that respect. Dr. Paul is a constitutionalist with a solid voting record kind of like Mr. Smith would have had if he had ever cast a vote while in Washington. The movie never showed that part. My beloved Babygirl is paying the Fed for the privilege of working and going to college. Mama tells me she'll be the better for working to get that education instead of having it handed to her on a silver platter. I think she's probably right :)

The way I see it, we have created the monster that is our own big huge government(s)living on a prayer and dime (borrowed, of course). While we dug in with gusto to partake of the manna that was economic prosperity for a few years, our future as a country and her states therein took a drastic turn for the worse. Each party has its' own way of taking our tax dollars and distributing them unevenly to their own advantage. The term "big government" means that there are too many middle men, or women as it were, between the ones who control the bucks the ones who receive benefits. My Dad retired at 55 from the USDA which is one of the less glamorous branches of service to our country but a very important one, nonetheless. They eradicated the Japaanese bettle , by golly! That was after a stint in the Air Force during the Cold war. Mama, on the other hand, was an employee of one of the "benefits" sections of our state government. In the blending of these two careers I saw the best and worst of making a living to help raise your kids up right and suffering at the hands of fools and politicians. Most state jobs were given to those with the right political connections. At the city and county level it was all about who goes to church together and who buys who cheap whiskey and good barbeque. And the flag, of course. Long may she wave!

I've thought about running myself, ya know. I mean gah...worked on a platform when I wasn't busy chasing Sugardaddy. The supports are simple things like personal freedom, a little less sense of entitlement and stop invading damn countries, for Christ's sake. When the only excuse for a war is that some people are fighting over old issues, we can't change a thing by sacrificing well meaning honest soldiers, especially when they don't have the gear they need to do the job. One of my favorite songs of all time is "get over it" by the Eagles. It's all about movin' past the horrors of your life and making a decision to do something different with the gift. I do a mean karyokee version, if I say so myself.

Anyhoo. I don't know any rich people who would back me so I'm just gonna' keep the faith and explore options. My dream career would be about 1/4 Patch Adams and 20% Forrest Gump. I'm not sure about the other 55%. If Sugardaddy comes along, maybe I'll support these guys or maybe them. I'd keep the last tenth for myself to buy toys and beer. Art is free, thanks to Big Ernie. So are sunsets other !aHa! moments. I'll take that any day over a drunken orgy on the beach with corrupt folks who were elected on trust. If not I'll just give it Idgie.

Maybe I'm just in a mood because I have to work this weekend and the IT folks are rolling out a big update in the middle of the night. Well..that and a shortage of hugs and hot sex movies and walks with an occasional slow ride on a four wheeler and fishing gear.

Told 'ya I was crazy ya'll.

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