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back in the day
Nobody tagged me, but I saw this at Risible Girl and Rick Leonard's places so I thought I'd play along since I have no breaking news about the war on *pick your topic* on the Poop front.

40 years ago I...Was runnerup in the Dyer County spelling bee and already had big boobies in the sixth grade. As a sidenote, I never got past runnerup in any of my numerous attemtpts to win as an ADULT in the charity bees. Spellcheck was invented specifically for me :)

30 years ago I...Was a recent graduate of the UT Center for the Health Sciences and three months into my first..and ONLY job. Don't get me started on that one.

20 years ago I...Was married to a guy who worked 11p-7a, the mother of a three year old and pulling my hair out most of the time trying to arrange schedules. Um..this is also when I went into therapy!

10 years ago I...Was pretty content with life except for the marriage thing. And the 13 year old kid thing. And the work thing.

5 years ago I...Was six months out of the divorce and didn't have a freakin' clue what kind of drama was about to come my way.

1 year ago I...Realized that Sugardaddy is kind of like the tooth fairy, but I keep on believing.

1 month ago I...Broke down and got a real cellphone.

1 week ago I...Spent the day with my family and it felt good.

1 day ago I...Slept for 12 hours which also felt good.

1 hour ago I...Talked to my brother in St. Augustine. Funny story :)

Right now I...Hear Babygirl in the shower getting ready to head off for her statistics class in Ripley.

If my life got any more exciting, I'd have to take a valium, I tell ya.

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