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There are so many wonderful things that I'm thankful for today, not the least of which is not having to deal with airplanes to see my family. Sure, there have been times I felt like flying to Fiji just to get away from my life, but that passes quickly when I realize how precious and fragile the whole dysfunctional people-who-know-you-and-still-love-you warts and all thing is. We share the same memories and often carry silly grudges from the past right up to the gravesite of someone dear. I have no regrets in that respect. If the proverbial bus runs me over tomorrow it is well with my soul. I say it when I feel it and too bad if you can't handle my version of the truth.

It has been a terribly long road to where I am now...content to be living life one day at a time with a whimsical appreciation for where I've been. The greatest tribute that I can give to my parents is that they never tried to make me something I wasn't, but supported whatever I wanted to be at any given moment. That was pretty hard for 'em when I was a teenage hippie going barefoot to Led Zepplin concerts wearing Daddy's heavy woolen Air Force coat like a badge of defiance. Mom drove me to the Mid-South Colliseum for said rock, by the way.

We are blessed as citizens of this country to have the freedoms that we take for granted, earned through long nauseous Atlantic voyages, mucho cannonball fire and an arrow through the back now and then when the Native Americans got pissed. Can't say that I blame them, ya know? They played nice and shared what they had and then we got all greedy and shit.

I love the word harmony because..well. It's the polar opposite of having the one RIGHT answer for everybody in Big Ernie's universe. Puleeeeez tell me it's not too late to have a second child and name it Harmony! Well, it will be after I get the uterus yanked out. That cervical cancer ain't nothing to mess around with.

I know..I'm rambling. I tend to do that when I'm tired. Which I am.

Nighty night kids.

Save some turkey for sammiches.

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