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calm before the storm
Don't shoot the messenger, ya'll. But if somebody doesn't already have a big fat honkin' turkey out of the freezer and into the 'frig to thaw, you're not on schedule for the "perfect Thanksgiving" ala Martha Stewart. Don't fret though...you can always plop the bird down in cold water tomorrow and still be a hero. Unless you burn it. Or the dogs eat it like in A Christmas Story. *snort* It still cracks me up to see 'em eating duck and singing "deck the halls with christmas horry!" That movie says volumes about how we Americans envision the perfect holiday. Where is Norman Rockwell when we need him?????

I'll be at the day job on Thursday along with a whole lot of others. But I WILL have some turkey, mind you. My nurse friend Angie has invited me to partake of the spread being put out over on her floor at the hospital. My long lost brother and his bride will arrive on Friday and we'll stuff ourselves again at Mom and Dad's red log cabin where we grew up. I feel sorry for all those folks who will be gettin' up at the butt crack of dawn to fight the Black Friday crowds. I'm gettin' creative this year instead of buying socks and underwear on sale.

Now all I gotta do is find somebody to kiss on New Year's Eve.

Any takers?
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