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dancin' in the streets kitchen
Still rockin' out to the latest Eagles masterpiece as I prance around the kitchen trying out moves. The old body's out of shape though...presently I have a sore right arm from throwing darts and some bootie pains from shaking it. Ain't no fool like an old fool :) BG is doing her "hell day" at UTM so I've got the place to myself to cook and jam.

Shhh...ya'll don't tell Mama, but I've got her birthday cake in the oven! Remember when she had that horrific wreck on Easter of last year that was her last drive? Um..well. Seems that the other guy involved in the wreck had terminal cancer. Oh, he checked out okay at the ER and all, considering he had one foot in the grave already. Poor soul passed onto glory about two months later. Exactly 11 months and 29 days following the accident his greedy grief stricken daughter lawyered up and filed suit against my sweet mother for one million bucks which promptly got thrown to the insurance company. Now, my mother has a wicked dry sense of humor which we both enjoy. I asked her if she'd be playing her usual Tuesday bridge game on her birthday tomorrow, and she proceeded to tell me it was deposition day for her and she'd be spending her birthday in the dang lawyer's office. Is there no justice in this world!! The esteemed counselor is a friend of our family and fellow church member so she felt comfortable telling him that she expected a cake on her visit. I mean after all, she was missing her 74th birthday bridge game with her girls. Gah.

Guess what will be there in the office when she arrives? Um hmmm...ya'll are quick. Triple chocolate sour cream pound cake with chocolate icing. Those legal eagles will be bouncing off the walls from the sugar high.
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