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I'm in the mood for love a big old honkin' ass fire. Conditions seem right what with the recent rains and mucho fallen pecan branches. Those trees are probably a hundred years old or so, providing a canopy for my pleasure on the drive home to Casa Poops. It's time to chop the asparagus bed and add some nitrogen to the fire, if I remember correctly. Raising asparagus is a true lesson in patience. Hell...raising anything is hard if you make the commitment to see it through the seasons of birth and death and new growth.

Been out carousing with my girlfriends this evening up and down Highway 51 South, business route, close to home. The dawgs were waiting for me when I pulled up. Presently, they sleepeth on my bed, dirt and all.

Fixin' to hit the shower.

Ya'll keep the faith ^j^
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