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he who cannot see can feel

That's one of the old wizened sayings that my work buddy the little general throws out on occasion when we see some particularly obnoxious dumbassedness going on. Got it from her mother, June. It is truly wonderful how us girls turn into middle aged versions of our mamas when we least expect it. I wouldn't have it any other way.

Got my Mom delivered to the halfway point for her girlfriend leaf peeping trip. And I must say the colors ARE glorious around these parts. I almost ran off the road a few times ogling the scenery. We talked about this and that...got caught up and chatted about the history of the latest dead body at the funeral home. I'll spare you the details but they were racy and quite interesting. That girl knows the history of everybody and their brother. Quite the storyteller. Oh, and by the way...that's a halo you see around her head :)

You see..the thing is, she can't see. Macular degeneration has taken her vision but she was just as happy as a lark to be out and not seeing the wild colors but headed to spend time with her childhood friends. And that. Well,that makes me grin like a cheshire cat. She self-published a cookbook one time compiled from recipes she had gathered from the greatest cooks around. Many of them came to her as submissions to her when she was the food columnist for the local newspaper. Others were family favorites..ours and her friends'. Daddy and his buddy Joe who ran a makeshift print shop did the copying and collating and bound 'em up real nice. People went NUTS over the thing, clamoring to buy a copy. All of the proceeds went to the Dyer County Fair Association, in her true pay it forward fashion.

We've been batting this thing back and forth for a few years about getting the book back into print. Neither one of us has been in the mood to carry such a big project past the dreaming stage. But ya know? It's now or never and we've set Mother's Day as our projected rollout date. We've both cut and added a few until I think the content is just the right mix of old classics and new delights for folks who like to cook and eat. For the ones who don't, they can just lay it on the coffee table all pretty like.

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