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just for fun.....
I tuned into the Republican presidential debate last night on CNN. As expected, most of the chat was about pinching pennies and life choices and "winning" the war on terror. Aw, there was some courting of minorities by Rudy and POW war drama by McCain. Huckabee countered with his list of things he will do to cure the ills that ail the African American voters who elected him as Guv. Fred Thompson is still a bad actor, in my humble opinion.

My favorite phrase? "The tsunami of entitlement" that is Social Security. Entitlement? Puleeeeeez folks. All of us hard working Americans on somebody's payroll have paid into that pot since Abe was a baby. That is not entitlement...it's taxation without proper representation when it's being spent on shit like government let contracts in US made wars and welfare programs for deadbeats who know how to work the system.

Watch out for this guy. I've always been a sucker for those who tilt at windmills.

My prediction? No way the GOP will ever nominate him. So he'll run as an independent and give BOTH parties something to worry about.
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