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one smartass three dogs a fruit drink and a camera
How do I love thee oh November of '07? Let me count the ways. Thanks to global warming, it was another day in shorts and t-shirt roaming around in the Camry gettin' off on the colors. Me and dogs hoofed it down the hill to our favorite spot and they went for a swim. I made 'em run home to shake the water off before they piled up on my expensive ratty furniture. Took a whole bunch of pictures and not many of them were keepers. So it goes.

Had a couple of nice surprises today out there in the b**gosphere. A nice guy and kickass photographer bought me a strawberry "one of those things with rum that i can't spell" and posted it at his place. His pics have inspired me to do more with my artistic side which is a great joy and a nice escape from the day job and all of the bullshit contained in an eight hour day. Corporate America is not very nice to us old timers, if you know what I mean. Dudes haven't even given me my thirty year gold watch. Sheesh. I oughta lawyer up and sue 'em for old people discrimination.

The other smile came from this guy showing back up after an extended absence from my little virtual world. Welcome back Follow That Snowball! Just for the record, I was pulling for the Rockies all the way through game five of the shutout. I'm a sucker for the underdog like that. Always have been.

Me and Mom are taking a road trip in a couple of days so she can hook up with her old friends for their fall retreat at Pickwick. Poor thing got knocked in the head with a falling pencil sharpener when she was volunteering as an ICU hostess the other day. When she felt the blood dripping off of her forehead she grabbed the closest thing she could find to slap over the site of said bleeding. Thank goodness the coffee filters for worried families haven't been cut out of the budget yet! That would just be WRONG on so many levels not to have coffee when you're on a worrisome 24/7 vigil. Not to worry...there's a bit of a bruise behind that dermabond and steristrips but she's still running the world from her recliner. Thanks ER staff. Sometimes it's the little things that count the most.

Is it just me or did it get dark like really really EARLY today? I see lots of early nights in flannel with a good book coming up. And that ain't a bad thing, by any means.

Ya'll keep the faith. ^j^

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