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Ya'll ever experince a day when the weather is just right temp and humidity wise so that you can wear shorts and not freeze and do shit stuff outside and not sweat? That was my day in a nutshell. Luckily somebody from the day job called and woke me up before I slept much of the gloriousness of it away. *Of course* the redneck riding mower with no top on it wouldn't start so I struck out with the old reliable push one from WallyWorld to tame the tall grasses that were threatening to take over this old house. Mission accomplished, mostly. I even got jiggy and pulled out the loppers for some inspired pruning. Great stress relief.

Driving down Pecan Lane is like Disneyworld these days with all the colors backlit by the sun. Sometimes I just stop the car and look at the beauty, soaking it all in like I haven't seen it for nineteen straight autumns. What a blessing. More and more, it's good to be the Poopster.

I tend to lay up in the bed on my weekends off yet I am quite a spiritual person so I was tickled to find that Reverand Jamie Dawn has started blog church over at her place. It's good to attend church in your jammies :) Her Sunday sermons are just the right addition to my routine of reading the Upper Room (large print edition, yes) and referring to the duct tape covered bible that BG gave me for Mother's Day long ago. She is also crusading to make hitonious a word. I vote for that!

I guess I really DO think too much, but I've been wondering all day how Windows knows that Congress changed the dates on Daylight Savings Time this year. The cynic in me wants to think that Bill Gates is big brother. I sure hope the folks in Seattle enjoy my redneck smartass perspective on life in the USA as a middle aged single woman.

Gotta go. Faith just cut and ran barking to high heaven. I think she heard some coyotes.

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