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the polar express
As a child I was one of those kids who would run out in the middle of a thunderstorm and dance in the rain, much to my mother's chagrin. My youngest brother is the real weather freak having done several years as a TV weatherman back in the day. While we both have a healthy respect for the power of mother nature, each of us gets a thrill from watching weather patterns, especially when the seasons clash. Such is today on Pecan Lane.

When I got home from work and saw the clouds gathering me and dogs went to the porch with a brew to watch the storm roll in. The temp then was 80. We're down to 64 now with a forecast low tonight of 39! Yikes. Talk about some Canadian air :) He's been living in Virginia for several years and still says that what he misses most about our home base is the potential for storms...right on the Mighty Mississippi smack in the middle of the country. His home in the Blue Ridge area somewhat shields them from turbulent weather, nestled in a valley where the wind usually gets knocked out of a storm before it crosses the mountains. Pretty boring for a weather geek. The night a tornado sneaked past me through the back pasture his wife was the one who called to alert me from her job as TV reporter in Memphis. He covered that entire week of hellish weather as reporter for a Jackson station, huddled in hallways and working around power outages. He and Miss Yvetta will be home Thanksgiving weekend...the first time we've all been in one spot at the same time for eons. And I can't.wait.to.see.us.that.way. Together again as a family.. Lord willing and the creek don't rise ^j^

Talk about some foreshadow action..gah. Remember how Mom got whacked on the head with a flying pencil sharpener and used coffee filters for gauze? Hmmm..well Babygirl had a fall last night at work resulting in a nice laceration on HER forehead..she kinda resembles Frankenstein at the moment. Ya'll keep your fingers crossed that I won't be the last in the string of the infamous three events that follow each other. How in this WORLD can I catch Sugardaddy with a dang big ass cut on my forehead????? On the other hand, I could always be the Mom of Frankenstein :)

Keep the faith, kids. Tommorrow is another day.

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