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the poopie awards
Reporting live from the Carrie Underwood Show CMA Awards here, it's the Poopster with a few comments and notes about the whole deal in spite of an early audio failure from my local ABC station. Somebody worked out the kinks about thirty minutes into the thing, thank goodness. Probably homeland security.

Now onto the awards....

Best performance by two people who kick ass together: Sugarland

Most truly "keepin'the faith" the country rock way: The Eagles

Love their music and never even knew their name: Little Big Town

Daddy sang bass: Josh Turner

Still my favorite redneck: Gretchen Wilson

This one will make it longshot pick: Layne Wrye

Not that I'm a straight up country fan, mind you. Still gotta have my AC/DC on occasion, along with all the other greats of rock like Stevie Ray. I just love it all. Anybody with musical talent ought to, if not flaunt it, use it to make other people happy.

Tonight..I'm a happy camper. And I'm headed out to buy a CD tommorrow. Guess which one?

P.S. George Strait still looks damn good
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