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rabbit! rabbit!

Day 1 and two pep talks into NanoWriMo '07 and I'm already out. Sucks to be the less than ambitious Poops. I WILL however, promise to post here every day during this month only because the hunt for Sugardaddy has been less than promising so I'm back to the keyboard, camera, kitchen and dawgs for entertainment. I've just about figured out this writing thing, you see. Everybody has stories to tell...things they remember and feel like talking about. Lots of "i don't think i'd have told that" moments. The trick is to find somebody who has lots of spare time to do the word crafting and hand it over to them to make it more exciting and stuff like what people will pay to buy from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Then you get rich and move to Fiji and get reincarcerated. No wait! I think I said that wrong. Sorry Hoss :)

I have read so many good words from those of you who take the time to write them that I couldn't even begin to imagine being the editor and keeper of the faith to people who presume to write books that folks actually pay to read. I know what makes me laugh and cry and get pissed off when the words come tumbling off the page through my dollar store glasses and into my brain. I know what images and tunes make me happy or sad, sometimes not until I experience them for the very first time in a rush of spontaneous gratification for the beauty of it all.

Been workin' on a wish list just because I can. There are about 13 things on it and you can feel free to send me any one of them at your leisure and when PayPal allows.

warm quilt

weedeater *woot*


sexy cinnamon by Trapp

athena's "fruit of the spirit" bracelet

peace on earth

godiva chocolate

NO fruitcakes

cottonseed hull

leadership for our country

mary engelbreit..anytime,anyhow,anywhere

weekly massages

continuing faith

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