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things i'm not
Anybody who has read more than a paragraph around here pretty well knows what I'm about so I won't elaborate on that much more. Let's call it THE END.

The karmic thing about figuring out who you are is that in the process of self-discovery one also defines who they're not. Things that make your skin crawl and the hair on the back of the neck stand at attention. Here's my list with very few words to describe each because, uh. We're all friends here and know each other right?

I am not....

MEAN. Those people suck.

LAZY. Get up every morning and go to the day job with a smile on my face.

SPOILED. Checked out sugardaddydotcom and I don't think I've got the energy for all the typing and subscription fees required to find one. I'll settle for somebody who adores me shows it at every opportunity.

CONSERVATIVE. During the span of my life I've lived through some very volatile changes in social norms. Whatever floats your boat is my motto. Obey the big ten and it's all good.

SNOBBY. Oh puleeeeeez!

FAT. Nice boobs and a pretty face. The rest is padded a bit.

RACIST. See "story of my life".

MUSICAL WHORE. I love it all. Even (cleaned up) rap.

GOP or DEM. Haven't seen much that I'd claim from either party. My vote is still out.

FOOTBALL FAN. Sorry guys, I tried.

I'm feeling mischievous so I think I'll tag a few folks just 'cuz I can.





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