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'tis the season
In spite of myself, I tromped up to the attic this evening and hauled out what's left of my Christmas stuff, which is what still means something to me. The rest of it burned a long time ago in some fire some night when I was going pyro on the world. What is left are the things that me and the BG hold dear to our Advent hearts and put out every year without fail. A snowglobe given to me by an old friend 25 years ago. A stained glass wreath handcrafted by my cousin/sister. A ginormous Mary Englebreit puzzle worked by my parents and framed up for BG real nice. A wooden tray with an insert that I cross-stiched back in the day when I could see better.

The ornaments are faded and mostly ancient, the lights from the dollar store purchased every year whenver they get put out on the shelf. Just enough twinkle to cover one live evergreen and a couple of azaelea bushes to bring the magic back to Pecan Lane for one more season of faith and hope. There is a nativity scene composed of a stable and various visitors at the birth, gathered over the years from my family. That's BG's favorite part..arranging the figures just as she imagines it went down when there was no room at the inn.

I don't know if you remember or can even imagine what it's like to be a junior in college working the night shift and commuting to school during the day. Times are hard for the girl. Ya'll pray about that one, umkay?

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