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watchin' the fall come in
By some miracle that could only be wrought from the big guy, this autumn has crept in quietly and brilliantly on the tail of the hottest and driest summer we've seen in the Southeast for many years. The timing of the rain and cool snaps has been perfect and I've yet to burn but a few ounces of that expensive propane that Butch delivers on credit, bless his heart. I made it through another hellish weekend that reminded me for the second hundredth time that I'm too old to be runnin' concrete all day....even with good shoes. Time to use my brain a little more and save the feets for dancing :)

So I was headed home awhile ago, not in any particular hurry and enjoying the sights and I wondered to myself why I haven't taken the time to live my life like that..slower and with more appreciation for the little things. Life has taught me that, and it's a very nice place to be, not worrying about outcomes and details. That's what faith brings to a soul, ain't it friends?

As a bonus gift, he parted the clouds just long enough for a glorious sunset. Big old orange ball surrounded by blue and white, sinkin' slowly in the west. Me and dogs chased the view down the hill, Butterbean perched on the console of my car. Faith runs besides it and Sam leads the way like some kind of field commander. Poor thing ain't gonna know what's hit him when the shock collar goes into service. He's got to learn that everybody in a vehicle doesn't *heart* him like I do and will smooth run over his ass in a heartbeat.

And I'll be dang if the Vols didn't manage to beat the Hogs. Hmmmph...wonders never cease, do they orange nation? Go check out this Veteran's Day post by my fellow Tennessee blogger, Randy Neal. It is the purest example of history being passed onto paper from the spoken word of a dying generation that I've read in a long time. OK, then :)

Elections show voters in a `change-oriented mood'

No shit, ya'll.

Don't forget blog church. There is absolutely no excuse other than being laid up at the funeral home.
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