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dear dubya
I'm pissed off at you. If you had been listening these past few years you would have heard my voice. Instead, you chose to hide behind the facade that the Republican party crafted to win the race and secure their lucrative business contracts. Bless.Your.Heart. I don't really blame you, per se, for the mess. Big Ernie takes care of pawns and idiots.

I heard through the grapevine that my 2007 income tax refund is gonna be late so ya'll can fund the war a little bit longer. If I were your campaign advisor, I'd say that's a bad move. Most of us were against it from the start but nobody listened to us. My old buddy Alan used to keep me current on the stats, but he's been busy of late. Can't give you an exact body count, but it's way WAY too many for the price of a barrel of oil.

Just so you know...I paid out the ass in interest when I defaulted on my 401K loan post-divorce. Poops is most faithful that you and yours will return the favor during the upcoming tax season, with a hefty bonus.

Santa is watching, dude. And I think he's registered to vote.

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