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friday ramble
If ya'll are anything like me, you're simply amazed and astounded that this week has found its' way to Friday. TBEIF and all that! As a sometimes weekend worker the "big day" doesn't have a punch to it on those weeks I'm scheduled to show up at the sawmill at 6AM Saturday. Nothing short of a note from the funeral home is reason enough to call in on a weekend and everybody respects that. I've done it once in thirty years and I gotta say, though I didn't have a note I thought I was dead. But this week? Ahhhh..it's me and the beer candles and the brand new kitty named Lily that BG brought home this morning. Poor baby hasn't met the dogs yet. We're planning on a slow meet'n'greet.

Thank you for your concern about my Mom. She was right where she was supposed to be and "the chauffeur" was a litle confused. She is his better right half and he panics when he thinks he's fallen down on the job of keeping them both at their appointed places. The job of driving fell to him after Mama had her third wreck last year and gave it up. She couldn't see...but didn't want to give up the freedom that comes with driving. I can certainly understand. I remember when my grandmother left my house and ended driver's side up in the ditch at the end of Pecan Lane. Guess who became "Miss Daisy" and loved every minute of it?

The steroid thing is kind of funny in a way. I mean gah...who wouldn't shoot up with 'roids if there were millions of dollars riding on performance. Kinda like corporate America except that we get drug tested randomly. The scary thing to me is that it took an investigation like this to show what many folks already know and still buy into. Nobody should make that kind of money for doing a job well, including artists and CEOs. Take what you need to live comfortably and give the rest to somebody who does their job or plays the game just because they enjoy it. And yes, I love baseball. And apple pie. And of course, hot dogs and beer.

I'm beginning to see a day of the week theme here which is probably a good thing . There are other times and places for serious writing and ya'll know where they are. I remember back in my neophyte blogger days anguishing over missing a day for fear that my one reader would be disappointed that I had failed to publish a post. Then I got a camera and it got easier. One picture? Worth a thousand words. Every year at Christmas I get cards from fellow b**ggers reminding me of where I've been and who I've spent time with and prayed over during the past four years. Dammit! Missed my blogoversary again ):

If you've got snow, play in it. If it's a cold rain just cuddle up a pet and enjoy the warmth. If your job is a bitch on wheels and so is your mother-in-law, forget it.

It's Friday. ^j^

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