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it was a cold and rainy day....

No wait..that was dark and stormy night. My apologies to Snoopy! North Pecan Lane was covered with water this afternoon when I ventured out to do a little shopping. It's not really an unusual event during a hard rain because the ditches are not often cleaned out. I'm just grateful it's not ice, ya know? Lily met the dogs today and I had to referee a few times, but it's all good. She made believers out of 'em right off the bat. Let's just say that there's a huge element of canine respect for hissing, jumpin' and clawing kittens who are scared.

I am home and I am content to be here. It's amazing how much shit stuff one can get accomplished when one abandons the search for Sugardaddy and focuses on oneself. I'm just saying. We are "creating" Christmas presents this year which is a lot more fun than chasing sales at the mall for socks and underwear. Each one is unique and well thought out. That's the kind of gift I love to get and give.

If Clarksdale wasn't five hours away and the weather had been a bit nicer, I was gonna go party with this guy's bunch tonight. I have never met the guides, but I've watched their adventures online for the past few years and there is never a dull moment. There is an after-school apprenticeship program for at risk Clarksdale youth, teaching them the meaning of literally floating your own boat. See you on the Hatchie in '08, dude :)
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