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not wordless
'Sup ya'll? It's hump day, ya know. I'm off for a couple of days prior to a working weekend of Christmas cheer so I'm celebrating by listening to The Eagles and kicking back. When I first bought those CDs just one song caught my attention. But by golly, I've learned to love just about every track. The guitar work is to die for.

Today was a celebration at the sawmill...free lunch and the awards!ceremony! for us old-timers. Since it's the holidays and all I'll not be a grinch about the whole thing. Let's just say that me and Lunch Buddy would have liked bologna and pork rinds just as well. We were overwhelmed with the generosity of the company in recognizing our thirty years of service hard labor and dedication to the sick and infirmed while juggling our own families around the task at hand. At least we got applause from the other worker bees :)

Lily the new cat slept over my head last night so I guess the dogs don't seem to be a huge threat as long as one of us girls is within meowing distance. The claws are deadly, though. She likes to sit in my lap in the morning when I'm putting my face on and cuddle my leg with those claws. *yow*

The treats are made, some delivered. We still have presents and paper strung all over the dining room table and redneck lights hanging in the living room window. I love the holiday season not for what I'll get, but for what I get by relaxing into the atmosphere of what's important. Like friends and family. And cheese grits.
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