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the office

I've gotta tell ya'll..we've eaten a lot of food up there at the day job on the run. We get thirty minute meal breaks and snacks when time permits :) We are a dedicated hard working bunch of folks up in that lab. Many of us are ready to move onto something other than slaving away at the sawmill. I guess I should be grateful they still want me. If I didn't have a job I'd probably stay up all night and sleep all day.

We had our first most recent off-site Christmas dinner this evening. It was nice to not have to answer the phone or hop up and catch that annoying tube when it hits home bringing a specimen to our testing area. The boss was gracious enough to open up her home for a pot-luck gathering of 24/7 laboratorians plus one well coiffed party cocker, a 911 guy and a kid with a new camera. Good times. Twenty five or so years ago, we partied on a regular basis with kids in tow and volleyball + beer in hand. We met at work, fell into love/hate and have been together ever since helping each other out and sometimes going off at the worst possible moments. Some have left forever...a few have come back into the fold. Others are newbies that we've come to adore just like they were old timers. Eventually, they will have war stories to share as well. Yep...that's the old Poopster under the mistletoe. No takers. Yet.
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