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rainy days and sundays

And so, the second Advent candle is lit and burning softly on the dining room table next to the first. The tree is decorated with heirlooms and tiny white lights and the brightly colored string hangs proudly across the front, a testament to the true redneck woman that I am. There are a few presents under the tree but no cat to nap under it this year. Babygirl has declared that her one wish from Santa is a mature beautiful kitty from the shelter, which comes with a spay for the price of the adoption fee. No more strays with unfixed gonads around these parts.

Global warming marches on, with the strangest lookin' weather forecast I've seen in years for the next few days in the Pecan Lane vicinity. It's in the fifties now, and overcast and rainy like it has been for several days. Heavy fog. Tomorrow it drops to the forties, then up to 70 on Tuesday with another dip into the forties on Wednesday. No wonder I never buy sweaters! Of course, one might come in handy later in the week when snow showers are predicted. Whatever.
'Tis the season, ya'll. Get out there and kiss somebody under the mistletoe.
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