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see ya'll next year

Ya'll up for a little game? I thought you were since it's New Year's Eve and all. There is absolutely no prize, cuz I'm on a budget. This smart(ass) photographer buddy of mine is wrapping up 2007 by posting some unpublished pictures in the final days of the "year before the one that we will get a new president for better or for worse." My shoutouts to Big Ernie are for something a little better. I ask in a nice sort of way though, and bless his mama'n'them.

Anyways...I thought I'd post a few of my favorite pics from the past year just for old time's sake. Gotta get the peas and cabbage cooking so we can have some good luck in '08. If you get bored with the last night of this very looooooong year, just think of smartass stuff to say about these folks. It will be great amusement...trust me.

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