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so drop the ball already
I don't know about ya'll, but 2007 seems to have been about five years long to me. Oh, time goes by quickly like my Daddy always said it would when I got older. The seasons run all over each other in a very non-distinct way that leaves me wondering if it's summer or winter or Valentine's Day or Independence Day or maybe Epiphany eve.

This afternoon found me back in the saddle stirrups again for the umpteenth time since the first abnormal pap back in '06. Since then we've biopsied and LEAPed and still the abnormality persists. Mild dysplasia, HPV positive, high risk strains. Cervical cancer waiting to happen.

Santa brought me not one but TWO pyracanthas! I planted them today against the barbed wire and fence posts out back by the patio horses a few feet past where I started the brick patio last year. Ran out of bricks pretty quick :) It's my favorite place to hang out in the summer because there's a big old elm tree shading the area and lots of perennials with a stellar view of the barn and pumphouse. On a warm day I can see the golfers over on the ? holes putt puttin' away while I pull weeds from the flower beds.

My brother turned me onto Peggy Noonan some years ago and I must say it's been a love/hate affair as I've read her frequent "I feel his pain" articles about Dubya. But this one? Right on, sista. Last thing we need is a preacher in the White House. What would the speechwriters do??????

I was watching the local news last night where they show live video of soldiers talking to their families back home during the holidays. This one guy was all buff and decked out in camo and broke plum down right there on camera. Dude wanted to be with his family so bad he couldn't stand it.

Body count to date? That number changes from day to day. Public opinion on the "War on Terror"? Get the hell outta there right.damn.now. I need my income tax refund.

Gotta run 'cuz the dogs are ready for bed.

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