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blowin' in the wind

The high temp today, as of 30 minutes ago was a balmy 66 degrees which can only mean one thing here in the 'burg.....tornado watch. It runs for another couple of hours with a fierce wind pushing in the next strong cold front. The forecast low for the evening is 21....45 degrees colder that it is right now. There's an old joke about the weather in Tennessee that if you don't like it, wait a few hours and you'll have something different. How.True. I reckon that's why we stay sick all the time. Well, that plus the pollen and bird poop.

Thanks to all of your for your good karma on BG's behalf. She did, indeed, receive the funds in question. And she is FINALLY considered an independent student on her FAFSA by our good friends, the federal government. Praise the Lord and pass the Pell Grant!

I'll be danged if it isn't time for my 35 year class reunion. Where the heck did the last five years go???? That was a whole lot of networking, finding folks that we had been out of touch with for ten years so we decided since we're so old *ahem* we need to get together more often. The locals will get together soon to pick a time and place and it will be up to the rest of them to get here from hither and yon. I can't wait to see all them redneck boys and girls again!

As ya'll know, Valentine's Day is sneaking up on us once again. Old Poops has never been blessed with a lot of Valentine action except back in grade school. Remember when we covered shoe boxes with brown paper and doilies and cut a hole in top so everybody in the class could traipse around the room stuffing little cards through the slot to "share the love"? I always hoped above all hopes there would be something special in there for me from the cute boy two rows over who never even gave me the time of day.

Maybe this will be my year. Ya think?
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