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the calm after the storm
As predicted the band of bad weather moved through early this afternoon with a couple of tornado sightings but no major damage. I'm sure every workplace has these disaster codes like we do, and ours for bad weather is "code black" which is exactly what the skies were. Like midnight. But hey..we're used to this stuff so we carried on business as usual. It was time for me to leave so I ventured out to the lobby to clock out and there was a huge crowd there being held hostage by a very important person because the "code black" had NOT been lifted. Never mind that the storm was already about 15 miles east of us. Ahem.

I'm still on the clock, so what the heck. I sat down on the steps to watch all the activity. Cute guy to my left. Grumbling folks scattered behind me. Then the damn fire alarm went off! "Code red! Code red!" Hoo boy...this was gettin' better by the minute. We've got two disasters going on at the same time! Up marches the CEO and several other "very important people" with fire extinguishers only..uh. Nobody could figure out where it was. Somebody had pulled the alarm somewhere, which ended up being the ER, but of course the fire department always responds just.in.case. Here come the firefighters marching in looking all tickled to be there and I spotted my friend Randy in uniform. "Psstt...hey Randy!" He just grinned and kept on moving toward the scene of the non-disaster. Code Red got cleared pretty quickly but Ms. Person-in-Charge refused to lift the Code Black because nobody had told her to. Hmm.

Now, by this time the natives were getting restless and the storm had moved about another 20 miles east. My boss's hub just happens to be the director of the Emergency Operations and 911 Center, so I went back to her office and asked her to call him and please get us released! *snort* Gotta love small towns.

At least this time my parents didn't have to get in the bathtub.

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