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Many of us are just flat out confused about who's the best person to vote for as our next president. Poor old Dubya has taken about as many jokes as a middle aged man can stand, but then hey...he signed up for it and even begged borrowed and stole to get there. Let us remind ourselves that the White House is no place for someone with unfinished bizness. Those folks never listen or even begin to believe in wethepeople.
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I kind of think that I feel the pulse of most Americans through my daily life here and most of us are just damned sick and tired of all the bad news and the wars on shit. There is soooooo much good about our country and who we are as a nation. Heck, where else can you go and enjoy freedom of whatever-you-feel-like at the moment. It's a good deal, but we pay out the ass for the American dream of the white picket fence gated community. Back in the day, me and my brothers got paid to paint the fence across the front of our homestead. They were little so they just ran around and played while I slaved away earnin' money to blow at Vaughn's Music Store. Started early on the groupie thang.
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I hear a lot of talk at the dayjob from folks that mosey in to be sick and expect to be treated with respect. Many of them are in the end stages of congestive heart failure, renal disease or cancer. A few babies get born, but more often than not their parents aren't even in love with each other, much less in a committed relationship. That is the biggest reason that I am prochoice. Roe v Wade happened for a reason and thankfully I've never had to deal with that personally. Always a tough decision.
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DNA technology has come a long way in the past few years. My long time stance against capital punishment is based on the belief that the evidence presented in court against an accused individual is nothing if it's based on hearsay and phone records. If you dare to play Big Ernie and sentence someone to death, at least get the facts straight and set 'em free if their body fluids don't match the crime scene. We'll call that chapter CSI Poopie :)
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There is a reason that people from poor countries want to live here with us. There is plenty of money to go around but most of us don't share so they come in illegally and work on green cards so they can send their earnings back to mama'n'them. That doesn't give someone who is not a US citizen the right to free stuff. If you want to be one of us, at least pretend that you believe in our heritage as a blended nation. Missionaries from all over the globe travel to where ya'll are just to spread the love that is the journey. When you blow yourself up for the cause nobody wins. Think about what Big Ernie would do, without all the virgins as a promise. I can honestly say I don't know a one over the age of 12. Except for me!
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WE the people want less big government and more family picnics. We are worried about our rivers and lakes and the wildlife that live there. The extemes of weather lately disturb us enough to make little changes in our lifestyles to accomodate mother earth's gradual changes through little sacrifices like high priced lightbulbs and natural energy sources.
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It's all good...what we do and who we are. Until someone else who is really REALLY trying to do better suffers because we are greedy and judgemental. Then, it becomes a sin of epic proportions. I think I read that somewhere in a good book.

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