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faith in action
I never was one to be the winner of the bible verse contest at church so I grabbed those short ones and held on for dear life. Like "Jesus wept." Hey..whatever works, ya know? BG was the same way, and promptly became a non-churchgoing gal at around 13. It was a long story, but I don't blame her a bit. If I wasn't such a masochist I wouldn't have gone the rest of the course with her little devil group teaching them Sunday school. The suckers sent quite a few packing in tears or anger but I just kept on showing up. Dumb.ass.

Ya'll know how proud I am of that kid, so I won't waste the words. I will tell you that she is burning the candle at both ends trying to manage a third shift job to make a car payment so that she can commute to school. She helps with the household expenses when she can and knows just when a couple of rode hard girls need a treat like pricey shampoo or a good meal. I'm just saying...she's cool like that.

Now I realize that some of ya'll aren't real keen on the spiritual stuff...but everybody looks up to SOMEBODY at some time in their life just to keep going. Let's call that somebody "Big Ernie." So here's the deal. Babygirl is in the process of applying for some funds that would lighten her load considerably. Student loans pay the tuition and books but nothing else. She has one more semester of classwork and two semesters of a full-time internship ahead of her. But you know what? This chick was born to be a social worker and I have no doubt it will happen.

How about we pray and be specific?

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