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frosty morn
We bought some propane back in September and, due to the mild weather up until now, have managed on what we had by wrapping up real good with quilts and blankets. Knowing that the level was at less than 10% with frigid temps and payday coming, I called my friendly propane guy yesterday to ask for a new supply. Told him I'd be fine until today.

Too bad I didn't do the math a little better. When I got up this morning to get ready for my uncle's funeral the house was cold as a well digger's butt. Sifting through the racks of scrubs in my closet looking for something decent to wear, I shivered and shook under the fluffy pink robe. Daddy and Mama picked me up on the way to the Baptist church and she donated a warm coat to go over my selection. Sheesh! If I ever expect to find Sugardaddy, I'm gonna have to find some decent duds. The truth is....I hate to shop. Yeah, I know. Hard to believe that there's a woman in the world who feels that way, huh?

The service was a true celebration of Jere's life and a great opportunity for us to bond as a family. The church ladies fed us afterwards and I found a kindred soul in my cousin Mark's wife whom I had never met. She's a whole lot like me...minimal fru-fru and loves to get dirty outside. She raises chickens, pheasants and guineas but he won't let her have goats. Yet. I feel sure that we will become close friends over time.

When I got dropped back off at the house on Pecan Lane, the check to propane guy was gone and the house was warm. Gawwwwwddd....how I love me some Butch! I got tired of dealing with the mega-national-operation that kicked me off of the budget plan and found him about 20 miles south a few years ago. Family owned Mom and Pop type of business where they really care about the customer. The older I get, the more I appreciate that type of outfit and the spirit that drives them.

Later in the day I moseyed into town to do the early voting thing and got a sticker. Turnout has been light, prior to our February 5th primaries and I was in and out in 5 minutes flat. Who do you think I voted for? Winner gets something homemade to eat from Poopie's kitchen.

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