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how to (almost) kill the cat
Lord ya'll! It's been a touch and go kind of day around here at Casa Poops. Exactly six weeks after we buried old Bernie here came a full blown crisis with Lily. BG woke me up this morning scared out of her mind because her new kitty was having what seemed like seizures. That was AFTER she did some research online about the flea product that I had put on her yesterday, from the dollar store of course. Said right there on the label in bold print DO NOT USE ON CATS. My bad.

I gave her a bath with Dawn to get the residue off, her shaking and spittin' the whole time. The shaking was horrendous, and she cried a bunch and I was really scared we were gonna lose her and it was all.my.fault. Called the vet's office emergency number and was told that we might have to bring her in for some Valium if the shaking didn't stop, but in the meantime do sugarwater from a dropper or syringe to correct the electrolyte imbalance. Hey..I'm almost a nurse. We can do this without hundred dollar Valium.

We sat on the couch and watched LA Ink while we force fed fluids with a dropper and fed her Dairy Queen bits on the side. It had been a late night with girlfriends sleeping over so none of us got much sleep, especially Lily. We all took long naps this afternoon, BG and Lily together and me and the dogs in our usual spot....my bed.

Lily came creeping out a while ago and isn't shaking anymore but sitting on my leg as I type. The vet said 24-48 hours so maybe it'll all be good soon.

She still has fleas, by the way. But I think we'll keep her. Maybe she won't remember how I used up her first life.
christmas lily
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