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kickin' the inner child's little ass
I am a one or two hit wonder with the karaoke thing, never getting so much as a clap but loving every minute of knowing the twists and turns of how my songs change pace. Number Uno is "Get Over It" by The Eagles. It's a great stress relief to get into that one full tilt when frustrations are running high. It reminds me of my own days in therapy and the hard work involved. Once I got past the crying every day part, I began to make changes in my life one baby step at a time. Like not caring what other people think. And taking care of Poops instead of the whole freakin' world. I jumped head first into a period of years that turned into a big fat challenge for a middle aged gal with a kid in college. Like most lab folks my mind is wired to going by the book with quality control to tell me when things aren't working right. Like, uh. Duh Janie! Life don't work that way. It's a highway, remember?

Lawwwwwdddd...did we struggle, mostly with money. My decision to end a marriage sent all three people involved into a tailspin each of us finding different ways to deal with the end of our family as we knew it. It was a huge relief not to have the elephant in the room but it was scary all the same. For the sake of brevity, I'll give you the short version of a six year journey.

I took some chances and did some things that I'd never done before simply because I was too rigid to venture outside the box. Some were mistakes...most I learned from and often in the most painful way possible. Number one? Just because you love somebody doesn't mean they love you back. Not like that, anyway. Other people did though and that group hug got me through the first year or two relatively unscathed. BG and I got on the same page and plotted our escape from Misery 101. Even with spoons dug into the wall of dirt before us, we got out.

Hossie tells me to quit trying to make sense of things, puleeeeez. Poop happens and then you die, right? I can't help it ya'll. I'm enough of a dreamer to think that there's some kind of karmic force at work that is the basis of what Grandma always said " What goes around comes around." Yes, I do have a Ouija board but haven't consulted it lately. Faith took over some time ago and I pushed cruise.

Thanks for being a part of the wild ride that is growing up Poopie. I'm still kickin' and hopeful. That is a blessing in itself.

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