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let it snow, let it snow, let it snow
Around these parts a good snow is, while not at all unusual, a sporadic treat that can skip years at a time. Usually we get sleet and ice which is no fun at all. We're right in the path of some serious lookin' white or frozen stuff which makes me downright giddy except for the fact that I'll have to dig my car out at 5AM to go to the day job tomorrow. Meh. There was a good chance for some icing last week and I did the plan ahead redneck thing and put a pizza box over my windshield to keep a clear spot for navigation down Pecan Lane. Hey...all that Girl Scout "be prepared" business was NOT wasted on Poops.

I take the same route to work and home everyday which carries me through the middle of town, passing court square and such. After taking a right at the Methodist Church I travel up Troy Avenue. There is this crazy chick who lives in an apartment somewhere in that area that I see at least once a day who seems to be practicing for American Idol. I can't guess her age, because she's always got on sunglasses...rain or shine. She wears spandex leggings, a heavy coat, sometimes boots or a miniskirt, and has a little dog on a leash. Let's call her Diva, just for simplicity's sake. Diva has a hot pink portable CD player that she carries in one hand, clutching the leash in the other. She struts up and down Troy Avenue from her apartment to the church and back with the dog and the CD player, singing at the top of her lungs. Sometimes when she's not feeling like a walk, she just stands on the sidewalk out front of her place doing her thing. But I tell you what buddy, when she walks she struts her stuff in that spandex. And it ain't a real pretty sight, if you know what I mean. I can only assume that she's getting a crazy check because she's always there and like...not at work. One of these days I'm gonna stop and take her picture. I just hope she's had her meds when I do.

In other news, no Sugardaddy sightings of late although I did run into a rather interesting long haired fellow at the kudzu bar the other night. Which is kind of unusual, ya know? Most of the time it's the same old guys lookin' the same old way playing dominos or talking about hunting and sports. Me and this dude talked politics. How refreshing!

Gotta go find another piece of cardboard for the windshield.

See ya!
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