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love the one you're with
I've gotta tell ya'll how much I appreciate my men friends. They come in all sizes, shapes and personality types and 9/10 of them are married or might as well be. That doesn't much bother me because they choose to be friends with me for who I am and there's none of the math that goes on in a legal marriage. Why don't we just put the homestead rights and the pre-nups aside to examine why I like men so dang much.

To begin with, I'm a simple kind of man gal who adores an intelligent conversation almost as much as drinkin' beer and cleaning house. If Casa Poopsie ever got finished with every nail in this place, I'd be lost. That would be a nice lost though...me snoozing on the couch under an afghan gazing at the beautifully restored hardwood floors while watching Seinfeld on the rerun channel with a dog or two for extra warmth. And the cat clawing me on the back.

There is a central theme that runs through the conversations I've had with many of my men friends, and it's all about money. Most of them see themselves as cash cows being milked by women who depend on them for the other half of the lifestyle fund. Very few of them ever mention that the little woman validates him in any way. They just hang around because it's easier than the drama of not doing so. I can totally understand...did it myself for a number of years. It's a very sad sort of life.

Anyhow...I have a pic of my new boyfriend for ya'll that I'm sure you will enjoy. We have sooooooo much in common and I do believe it's love at first sight. Back off hos..this one's all mine.

Ain't he cute?
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