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the rest of the story
Yesterday's lost dog is today's miracle. First thing I did when I got up today was to call a local vet's office to see if there was a lead on his owner. Bingo..right off the bat the receptionist described the dog laying at my feet. Tri-color border collie. No collar. Answers to Petey. She gave me the contact number which I called right then and left a message. About an hour later a lady called me back and we exchanged info. It was indeed her dog that I had picked up about ten or so miles from his home in a local subdivision. I gave her directions and she showed up shortly, much to Petey's surprise!

After she loaded him up and offered me something for caring for him, she related to me the story of how he first came to HER. She and her husband are transplants from other states who moved here with local industry. There are two children, ages 12 and 10. Her husband picked the stray up about two miles south of my house and they went through the same drill trying to find his owner, but nobody claimed him. He became a member of their little family from that point on. Her husband became ill, and eventually died from cancer. Petey is such an important link between those kids and their late Dad, she said. They were hysterical when he went missing. I'd be willing to bet they were all smiles when she picked 'em up from school with Petey riding in the van.

We chatted, we hugged. We hypothesized that he was probably trying to find his way back to the original owner who obviously rode him around in the back of a pickup like a good border collie. I've seen those dogs ride on TOP of the cab and never even waver going down the road. Great cattle dogs, and smart as a whip. It sure does give me the warm fuzzies thinking about Petey being back with his family. I've been on the receiving end of that kind of deal too many times to count. Us animal lovers stick together. Always.

Dang..I love it when that happens.

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