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sciatica is not for sissies
Remind me to invest in some dressy black flats, umkay? It seems that putting on BG's big fat chunky heels for the funeral last week has wreaked havoc with my back. Of course it's been five years or more since I put ANYTHING on my feet except for tennis shoes, so that is to be expected I suppose. Live and learn.

I hope nobody was offended by my WW submission of Redneck Friend flipping me off. I figure that's one universally wordless symbol! That particular day she was trying to watch the VOLS play football and I was gettin' on her nerves with the camera as I am prone to do on occasion. Heh. Ain't friendship grand??

Yesterday's tornado threat turned into some of the baddest ass straight line winds we've seen in a loooooooong time around these parts. Two semis blew off the highway and a number of trees got snapped like twigs. The ones below are on Pecan Lane. As for everybody's lawn and patio furniture? Most of it is in Knoxville by now.

In typical Poopie fashion, I cast my premature primary ballot for the Democratic candidate who bowed out of the race today, John Edwards. I guess when you lose in your home state, it's a good sign that you need to re-group. Don't count him out just yet, though. Obama will need a running mate and choosing Hillary would be the kiss.of.death for a dude. Besides. They would fight all the time *snort*

Hump day for ya'll.....just the beginning of a weekend of work pour moi. I do get tomorrow off. If the weatherman is right about the ice and sleet, it will suit me just fine to stay in flannel and dogs all day.

I know. You so wish you were me.
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