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the big tease

My cabin fever got a big dose of 60 degrees and sunny today so I reckon I'll make it until spring. This out-of-shape ass picked up limbs and threw 'em on the pile(s) that are waiting to be burned whenever the wind dies down. There are now five dead pine trees on the edge of my yard begging to be cut down and put out of their misery. A mysterious pine tree virus??? Nah. Some of you may remember that I caught the pasture on fire two years ago in November while I was burning off the asparagus bed. Uh..yeah. It seems that their little pine tree roots got fried before me and my visiting friend from Texas managed to get the thing under control with rakes and frantic middle aged woman stomping. THAT was a sight to behold. For a few minutes there, I was convinced the entire 1100 acres would burn clean up to the riverbanks. Big Ernie looks after idiots who play with fire.

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