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^j^ Is it just me, or do weekends vaporize into Monday? Such is corporate America, land that we love. The local rag reported on caucus results for Dyer County dems. Looks like Hillary is ahead with our local delegation. Ya think? I just learned this weekend about the "superdelegate" thing which is a bunch of hogwash if you ask me. Okay, so I wasn't a political science major. Sue me.

^j^ We're all excited around Casa Poops because there's some new flooring in our future...WOOT! And the bills are current too, bless our hearts. We will continue to take donations for the "summer of 08 stay cool fund ". It's a major ordeal here, if you know what I mean. The humidity sucks big time. Not to worry though...it's cold as shit right now except out there next to fire #2 in the front yard. Lots'o'limbs down folks.

^j^ Went up to the kudzu bar Saturday night and the talent was so thin I headed back to Pecan Lane to cuddle up with the dawgs. I burned the pile with the Christmas tree on top of it and managed not to singe anything else so it's all good. We slept a solid 12 and SammyD didn't even pee on the dining room floor once He's almost a year old now, bless his heart. I sincerely hope that he survives eating cat poop to see his next birthday. Ya'll know I starve 'em, right?

^j^ Lean Cuisine and purple hull peas go well together. I'm just saying.

^j^ No, big sexy up there isn't Sugardaddy. It's just Catfish pretending to be ZZ Top and coming mighty close, I should add. I would tell ya'll about how he shook that big butt on the dance floor with Bev but that was one of those "you had to be there" experiences.

^j^ Watched the Grammies yesterday evening to get my rock star fix. I was lost as a goose with the top dogs this year. I did, however, get a glimpse of Joe Walsh sittin' there looking cute as ever so it was worth listening to the Foo Fighters and what's her name. Can't wait to see American Idol from Hollywood tomorrow!

^j^ The owner of this outfit is coming to the 'burg next month to do some river exploration and, if he doesn't stand me up, we have a date to meet in person so I can take his picture and pick his brain.

Smile kids. The worst part of Monday is over :)
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