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diva alert
Diva and Punkin have been absent from Troy Avenue for the past week or so and I was seriously worried that she might have fled the country in fear of John McCain becoming president. Not.To.Worry. They were spotted this afternoon in front of the apartment sans music. When I saw 'em I cruised on by and went around the block to pass through for a shot. There was no traffic behind me so I slowed down a bit with the window rolled down and the camera in hand. Diva had her back to the street...just as she had when I came by the first time. I suppose she sensed that someone was watching because she turned just slightly toward me and I almost ran OFF the freaking road. Poor old Punkin just stood there on the leash enjoying being outside away from crazy Grandma with the umbrella. I was so excited I pushed the wrong damn button and missed the shot. Next time I'll have to get a designated driver so I can catch her in action. Ya'll won't believe it. BG's friend Anna said she and another girl saw her all done up in fishnet stockings and her robe hiked up where you could see her buttcrack. Bless her heart.

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