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frogs dawgs and ladybugs

The first sure sign of spring is when the froggy chorus cranks up and they're going full force around here. I ADORE that sound. The ladybug invasion has begun as well. I don't know how those critters manage to get in, but they've been known to cover the ceiling at times. It's been a lazy sort of day with me (of course) sleeping past noon. If there's ever an olympic sleeping competition, ya'll can be sure I'll be a contender for a medal. I just do what it takes to get rested these days, and a twelve hour nap will usually cure what ails me. If the first one doesn't do it, rinse lather and repeat.

I took the picture one morning this week on the way to work as I passed by the dairy barn where the hay is stored. Bubba comes out early most days and tends to the cows and tractor type chores. He and Daddy have blended their farming abilities into a nice combination where Daddy can spend more time in the recliner watching Gunsmoke and college basketball and less time rounding up cattle. This afternoon Babygirl and I spotted a calf that had crawled through a hole in the barbed wire to stand on the edge of the ditch. By the time we backed up he had jumped back in with the rest of the herd. Just like a kid seeing what he could get away with!

BG will be going to a legislative conference in Nashville next month with other social work students. Each group of social workers chooses a pending law and does a study on the specifics and the voting. Wonderful experience for those in the field. When she graduates next May, don't be surprised if you hear me hollering WooooooooHoooooo all the way across the country. I feel much more secure about old age knowing that I will have her as my advocate.

Enough about me. What are ya'll up to?
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