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in the blink of an eye

One of my dearest friends became a widow during the wee hours of this morning. Unexpectedly....the love of her life and husband of forty plus years was gone leaving behind a grieving wife, three children and their children to pick up the pieces that were his life. Time to drag out the solitary funeral outfit , and with a very heavy heart, I might add. Ironically, this particular friend worked in my place so that I could attend my uncle's service two weeks ago.

This past weekend's marathon girlfriend-fest was, in part, to keep another dear one's spirits up after she was "let go" from her job. Unexpectedly, of course. After listening to the evidence it sounds a whole lot like a bunch of girls with junior high mentalities decided that when the corporate move was made, they'd be damn sure she didn't go with 'em. When I asked her who she trusted there, her reply was "nobody." There's got to be a better way to make a life for oneself and I feel sure she will find it.

I sat through another marathon yada yada meeting at work today where one particular young PharmD doesn't realize that the sound of her own voice doesn't thrill the old-timers as much as it does her own self. Me? I just file my report with the powers that be and sleep through listen to the diatribe trying to act interested in medication errors and formulary changes. I trend things, of course. But the fact is we keep a pretty tight rein on the blood supply and don't tolerate waste or errors. The stuff is too hard to come by and given with love.

Previously on Poop Happens: There was mention of feelings of drastic change about to come. I still have that feeling and I am waiting and watching for signs like Mahala to see what course my future will take. Something about George's death has smacked me in my smart ass to the point that I'm about ready to jump.

And the faithful part about the whole deal? I believe that there will be somebody there to catch me.


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