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livin' on the edge
A three day weekend for the old Poopster! Do I hear an amen, kids? Had me a big fat job interview lined up for tomorrow but suddenly changed my mind when I thought about the whole thing in a realistic frame of mind. Why trade 30 years of loyal service for more of the same? What I would like to experience in my golden midlife years has nothing to do with kissin' corporate ass. Not sure quite yet what it DOES have to do with, but I have faith that it will become apparent over time.

There's a crew coming into Casa Poops next week to do the floors so we're packing things up gettin' ready to move into the next chapter of life on Pecan Lane old house, big yard, dogs and all. Heck...we might even have a party and burn shit when it's done. You're invited, of course. BYOB

There is so much history here that it blows my mind. Every day I run into or talk to someone who has ties to to this parcel of land that is my homeplace. My greatest fear is that the owners will get money hungry and chop it up into lots for development. That would be the end of the wildlife and the history. As I was headed to the sawmill before dawn this morning, big old shiny eyes stood smack in the middle of the lane facing the bird poop smattered Camry, so I backed up to get a better look at the deer family over in the hay field. They pass through from the thicket on the right to the woods at the left feeding on winter wheat and doing what comes naturally.

It's all good. ^j^
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