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Back in the day when I was a young woman control freak, everything had to match, like in a set. You got florals on the comforter, by golly the curtains better have the same picture. Like I said...I was young. It wasn't until I became a single gal that the beauty of blending became a very attractive way of preserving my life and making a home.

These days the colors look pretty together but nothing is in a set except for some family china. The whole rest of the place is a hodge podge of dust bunnies and favorite things that make me smile when I see 'em. Strategically placed pieces of my past and present greet me in every room of this old house. Can you tell I'm content? Presently the sheets are on my bed for the first time in a week and..you guessed it. They don't match. Sam loves to chew on the bedcovers and dissect what's there so I'm down to about two sheets and a few holey blankets. Time for a JC Penney run.

Today I bought some angels with wire wings that inspire me to keep the faith. The Pink Ladies sell them in the gift shop at a discount for employees, God love 'em. Everytime I go in that place I expect to see Gaga perched on a stool running the world like the queen that she was. She was working as a 3-11 admissions clerk in the ER when I started 30 years ago and moved seamlessly from mandatory retirement to volunteer work. My parents still do the same thing. I reckon I will too if SugarDaddy ever shows his happy butt up.

I ain't holding my breath.
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